3 Stage telescopic Cylinder

3 Stage Telescopic Cylinder

Additional Information

Color: Black

Warranty: 1 year

Outside Diameter: 7.1/8 "

  •  Closed - 57 "
  •  Stroke - 120 "
  •  Open - 177 "


Extended warranty is available at an additional price. 

Technical Data:


Maximum working pressure           2,900psi    

Weight                                                 284Ibs  

Total Volume                                     12.6 Gal

Work Volume                                    10.5 Gal

Technical Notes: 

It is Recomended that the Cylinder rest with 20 to 50 mm (3/4 to 2  inches) of its course opened, while installed on the equipment.

Limit The extension of the last stage to 70% of its total course.

The Only recommended Function for this Hydraulic Cylinder is to Open and Close, and Should not be used in any other way.

The Cargo weight is for reference Only

All Stages are Plated with Hard Chrome. 

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