Rear Hinge

Technical Notes

Heavy duty hinge desinged to be used on dump bodies up to 18' long, with a maximum pay load of 25 tons. This item was fabricated using the best materials and most advancd robot welding equipment. The cargo weight is for reference only.  Painted black. 

Technical Data

           Customary      Metric

A           31.1/2"             800mm

B           32"                    940mm

C           40.1/4"             1021mm

D           4.1/4"               109mm

E            7.3/4"               199mm

F            8.3/4"               221mm

G            2"                      50mm

H            2.3/4"               70mm

J             4"                      100mm

K            3.3/8"                86mm

L             3"                      75mm

M           6.1/2"               160mm

N            4"                      100mm

P            4.7/8"                123mm

Q            9"                      228mm